Our Technology



Our technology enables us to:

• convert any plant-based oil into a consistent, free-flowing pharmaceutical-grade powder. By utilizing this technology, we have developed a new, game-changing, sublingual edible.

• provide rapid onset technology, allowing some to experience effects in less than 10 minutes with an optimal peak experience within one hour and a fully customizable duration.

• assure the precise distribution of ingredients throughout our entire Tab ensuring a consistent dosages every time, even when dividing the product into smaller increments.

• produce a small 14mm form factor Tab, about the size of a dime. This tiny Tab is super mobile, convenient and climate resilient with a longer shelf life than other edibles.

• formulate our proprietary ingredient stack using 4 specific cannabinoids in precise increments to deliver that “Tipsy” feeling.

• have a Tab that is not only free of artificial flavors and colors but also a healthier choice that is vegan, sugar-free, and keto-friendly.

• promotes the highest absorption possible of our proprietary formulation with our unique Endoactivator™ ingredient.

• elevate our safety and functionality, TipsyTabsare designed with score marks to facilitate easy and precise metered dosing, and the letters “THC” are embossed on them to provide an additional safety measure for customers.